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PYREX® VISTA™ 100mL Single Metric Volumetric and Graduated Cylinders, TC, Plastic Hexagonal Base, Blue Graduations (Product #70075-100)

(This is the suggested replacement for 3075-100, 3075-100BO, 3075-100CO)

These PYREX® VISTA™ are calibrated “to contain” (TC). They are supplied in two parts - a strong, accurate glass graduate and a detachable, sturdy plastic base which absorbs impacts and reduces breakage. Tolerances are ±5% of total at any point. By removing the base, the graduate can be conveniently stacked. Bumper guards are supplied with 25mL through 100mL inclusive. The 10mL has a funnel top for careful pouring.

product details at-a-glance
Qty./Pk.: 12
Qty./CS.: 12
Capacity: 100 mL
Cylinder Style: Graduated
Cylinder Feature: Economy
Cylinder Scale: Single Metric-To Contain
Top Style: Pourout
Bumper Guard: Yes
Sterile: No