PYREX® Narrow Mouth Erlenmeyer Flask Assortment Pack with Heavy Duty Rim (Product #4980-PACK)

This convenience pack is designed for the low volume user and contains one each of five sizes: 50mL, 125mL, 250mL, 500mL and 1L. Packaged in a partitioned carton for safe transit and storage. Each of these PYREX®Erlenmeyer flasks is designed with heavy duty rims to reduce chipping. Their uniform wall thickness provides the proper balance between mechanical strength and thermal shock resistance. Approximate graduations are in durable white enamel. An extra large marking space is also provided.

    • $49.01/case
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Qty./Pk.: 1
Qty./CS.: 1
Flask Style: Erlenmeyer
Neck Style: Narrow Mouth
Top Style: Heavy Duty Rim
Stopper Style: No Stopper
Feature: Reusable
Sterile: No
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