Corning® Epoxide Coated Slides without Bar Codes (Product #40042)

The Corning® Epoxide Coated Slide is designed for the covalent attachment of short oligonucleotides (~30-mers) for creating microarrays.

• Slide offers a significant advantage in both surface uniformity and DNA binding capacity
• Uniform coating combined with an ultraclean surface delivers reliable technical replicates
• Chemistry performs equally well with unmodified and modified oligos
• The flexibility to use unmodified oligos in place of modified oligos achieves significant cost savings
• Each lot is tested for consistent spot morphology, signal intensity and low background in a hybridization assay and contains a quality certificate
• Printing protocols included with each case

The Epoxide Slides perform best when used with the tailored Pronto!™; Epoxide Spotting Solution, 250mL (#40047).Try a Corning® Epoxide Slide Starter Kit (#40040), which includes a sample of the Epoxide Spotting Solution and the Pronto!™; Short Oligo Hybridization Solution. We recommend using a Pronto!™ Universal Hybridization Kit (#40026 or #40028) when printing Epoxide Slide microarrays containing approximately 30-mer oligonucleotides.
    • $794.76/case
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Qty./Pk.: 5
Qty./CS.: 25
Barcoded: No
Dimensions (LxWxH): 25.3x75.5x1.1 mm (approx)
Sterile: No
Coating: Epoxide
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Corning® Epoxide Coated Slides Instruction Manual - CLS-CS-022 REV3
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Posters and Presentations
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Microarray Data Generation - Optimized Reagents and Protocols for Optimal Results - Poster
Enabling Self Printers Using the Corning® Pronto!™ Microarray Reagent Kit - Poster
An Advanced Short Oligonucleotide Microarray System from Corning® Life Sciences - Poster
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References and Bibliographies
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Personal Safety In The Laboratory
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Selection and Use Guides
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Corning Microarray Selection Guide
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Technical Reports
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The Pronto!™ Background Reduction Kit Significantly Reduces Microarray Background Autofluorescence and Increases Feature Detection SnAPPShot - CLS-AN-050
Consistent Sensitivity and Reproducibility Using the Pronto!™ Plus Microarray Systems and UltraGAPS™ Coated Slides SnAPPShots - CLS-AN-051
Comparative Genomic Hybridization Using Corning® Microarray Products Application Report - CLS-AN-053