Corning® 96 Well EIA/RIA Clear Flat Bottom Polystyrene High Bind Microplate, Individually Wrapped, without Lid, Nonsterile (Product #3590)

• High binding surface binds medium (>10kD) and large biomolecules that possess ionic groups and/or hydrophobic regions
• Binding capacity of approximately 500ng of mouse IgG/cm²
• Ideal for immunoassays
• Certification results for each lot are made available upon request by contacting local Corning Life Sciences office
• Recommended working volume of up to 75 to 200µL
• Conforms to standard microplate footprint and dimensions
• Without lids, lids supplied separately
    • $389.47/case
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Qty./Pk.: 1
Qty./CS.: 100
Plate Format: 96 Well
Plate Feature: Standard
Plate Color: Clear
Well Bottom: Flat
Well Bottom Color: Clear
Well Shape: Round
Well Volume: 360 µL
Recommended Working Volume: 75-200 µL
Surface Treatment: High Bind
Sterile: No
Lids Included: No
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Templates for Corning® 96 Well Plate Keys Protocol - CLS-AN-085
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References and Bibliographies
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Personal Safety In The Laboratory
Equipment Compatibility Guide
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96 Well Microplate Dimensions for Corning/Costar Plates
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Technical Reports
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ELISA Technical Bulletin No. 1 - Immobilization Principles - Selecting the Surface
ELISA Technical Bulletin No. 2 - Optimizing the Immobilization of Protein and Other Biomolecules
ELISA Technical Bulletin No. 3 - Effective Blocking Procedure
ELISA Technical Bulletin No. 4 - Optimizing the Separation Step on 96 Well Plates
ELISA Technical Bulletin No. 5 - Selecting the Detection System - Colorimetric, Fluorescent, Luminescent Methods
Caps for Corning® and Costar® Plastic Labware Technical Bulletin - CLS-AN-106
Chemical Compatibility of Corning® Plasticware Technical Bulletin - CLS-AN-107
Characteristics of Corning® Plasticware Technical Bulletin - CLS-AN-108