PYREX® 25mL Class A Buret with Product Standard PTFE Stopcock Plug (Product #2103-25)

The capacity tolerance on this Class A 25mL PYREX® buret is established by ASTM E-287 and is calibrated in accordance with ASTM E-542. Tips are carefully drawn from accurate bore tubing to insure proper drainage rates. This buret has colored markings, fine, sharp lines and large easy-to-read numbers. The stopcock barrel has a smooth micro-finish to assure leak-resistant performance. Each buret is supplied with a dust cover. All sizes are furnished with a 2mm bore Product Standard PTFE (Polytetrafluorethylene) stopcock plug. For a replacement PTFE stopcock plug only, see No. 7681-2.

    • $176.47/case
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Qty./Pk.: 1
Qty./CS.: 1
Capacity: 25 mL
Graduation Interval: 0.1 mL
Tolerance +/-: 0.03 mL
Buret Feature: Class A
Stopcock Style: Straight Bore PTFE
Stopcock Bore No.: 2
Height: 560 mm (approx)
Outer Diameter: 12 mm (approx)
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