Corning® CellBIND® Surface 100mm Culture Dish (Product #3296)

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  • Approximate growth surface area is 55 cm2
  • Actual inside growth surface diameter is 80.5mm
  • Height is 20mm
  • Manufactured from optically-clear virgin polystyrene
  • Corning® CellBIND® surface treated for optimal cell attachment
  • Sterilized by gamma radiation and certified nonpyrogenic
  • Have stacking beads to aid in handling
  • Supplied with vents to provide consistent gas exchange

  • ¥7,100/case
    product details at-a-glance
    Qty./Pk.: 5
    Qty./CS.: 40
    Dish Style: Petri
    Petri Dish Style: 100 mm
    Top Style: Plain
    Surface Treatment: Corning® CellBIND® Surface
    Cell Growth Area: 55 cm² (approx)
    Recommended Medium Volume: 11.0-16.5 mL
    Feature: Disposable
    Diameter: 80.5 mm (approx)
    Height: 20 mm (approx)