PYREX® 19L Solution Carboy with Tooled Neck and Graduations (Product #1596-19L)

These 19L (5 gallon) PYREX® solution carboys are designed for storage of solutions and are ideal for media preparation.

• With double scale (liters and gallons) black enamel graduations
• Graduated in 500mL increments
• Will withstand hot air (dry) or steam (wet) sterilization.
• Necks are tooled to increase mechanical strength and for uniform stopper fit.
• Takes a No. 12 rubber stopper.

product details at-a-glance
Qty./Pk.: 1
Qty./CS.: 1
Capacity: 19000 mL
Neck Style: Wide Mouth
Top Style: Tooled Mouth
Bottle Shape: Cylindrical
Stopper Style: No Stopper
Rubber Stopper No.: 12
Graduation Range: 1000-19000 mL (approx)
Graduation Interval: 500 mL (approx)
Bottle Feature: Graduated
Feature: Reusable
Height: 485 mm (approx)
Outer Diameter: 292 mm (approx)
Neck O.D.: 72 mm (approx)
Sterile: No