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RoboFlask® Cell Culture Vessels - Instructions for Use - CLS-CC-021 REV3

This 5 page guide contains instructions for use and product specifications of the RoboFlask® tissue culture vessel. It includes helpful hints such as how to use the flasks in a manual mode.

Automated Cell Culturing using Corning® RoboFlask® on Tecan® Cellerity™ - Poster

This poster was presented at the ALA Conference in San Jose, USA in 2005

Cellerity is a solution for fully automated cell culturing. It handles all tasks necessary to grow, maintain, harvest, passage, seed and plate cell lines without user intervention for several days. All liquid handling operations occur within a HEPA filtered vertical laminar flow clean bench (not shown in pictures).Cellerity is a modular system whose basic configuration incorporates:

  • The automation-friendly Corning RoboFlask with a septum cap for growing cells.
  • The Tecan Freedom EVO® platform, including the proven Robotic Manipulator arm (RoMa) for handling plates and flasks.
  • A modified liquid handling configuration capable of both rapid bulk media dispensing and precise low volume pipetting for reagents and media additives.
  • Devices for supplying disposables such as plates, troughs or flasks.
  • An integrated robotic CO2 incubator.
  • A cell counter for determining cell number and viability.
  • Refrigerated media storage for up to 8 different bulk media, with in-line warming immediately prior to dispense.

Automated Cell Line Propagation, Expansion and Assay Preparation on Tecan® Cellerity™ - Poster

This poster was presented at the Miptech Conference in Basel, Switzerland in 2006

Cellerity is Tecan's solution for fully automated culturing of several cell lines in parallel utilizing microplate-sized cell culture flasks and plates. Cellerity was configured to deliver HEK-293 cells in 384 well assay plates ready for compound screening. A series of replicate plate production runs were produced by Cellerity using the automation-friendly Corning® RoboFlask™ over the course of 22 days. The data generated on cell count, cell viability and functionality demonstrate that Cellerity is able to automatically and reliably deliver cells grown the Corning RoboFlask in the required quality for downstream applications.

Implementation of an Automated Cell Culture Workstation at Genentech - Poster

This poster was presented at the SBS Conference in Geneva, Switzerland in 2005

During the last few years, technical developments have dramatically changed the way cell-based assays could be implemented and used in Research and Development organizations. Developments of new cell lines and defined growth media as well as reagents such as specific antibodies, luminescent and fluorescent kits now allow the implementation of specific and sensitive biologically relevant cell-based assays. These changes combined with significant improvements of readers and automation systems able to handle high-throughput assays transformed cell-based assays into a critical tool that could be implemented at multiple stages during the progression of a therapeutic molecule from discovery to development. Although cell-based assays have moved into a modern era, cells are still grown and maintained like decades ago: MANUALLY. This step is now a significant bottleneck for many organizations where cell-based assays are a critical path. This presentation will review the rationale to implement an automated cell culture workstation at Genentech, Inc.

Harvesting of Adherent Cells from Corning® RoboFlask® Vessels with Tecan® Freedom EVO® Application Note

This 13 page application note serves as a guide to adapt and establish harvesting protocols for various adherent cell lines growing in Corning® RoboFlask® robotic-friendly cell culture flasks using Tecans' Freedom EVO® robotic liquid handling platform equipped with a flask handling device (flask flipper).