Corning® 50mL PP Centrifuge Tubes, Conical Bottom with Plug Seal Cap, Bulk Packed, Sterile, 25/Sleeve, 500/Case (Product #430291)

Corning® 50mL clear polypropylene (PP) conical bottom centrifuge tubes have traditional polyethylene plug seal caps and are bulk packed 25 per resealable plastic bag. Foam racks can be purchased separately. Please check our Technical Information Listing for information on the physical and chemical properties of Corning plastic centrifuge tubes as well as important suggestions for safe use. -Black printed graduations and a large white marking spot. -Maximum RCF is 15,500xg. -Sterile, certified nonpyrogenic and DNase-/RNase-free. -95 k PA (14psi) pressure tested.

    • $361.66/case
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Qty./Pk.: 25
Qty./CS.: 500
Capacity: 50 mL
Tube Style: Centrifuge
Bottom Style: Conical
Neck Style: Wide
Top Style: Threaded
Max RCF: 15500 xg
Graduations: Yes
Graduation Range: 18384 mL
Graduation Interval: 2.5 mL
Color: Clear
Cap Style: Plug Seal
Cap Material: High Density Polyethylene
Cap Diameter: 35.2 mm (approx)
Cap Color: Orange
Sterile: Yes
Self-Standing: No
Outer Diameter: 29.1 mm (approx)
Length: 114.4 mm (approx)
Feature: Disposable
Rack: No
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